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How to apply

Application process

All applications must be submitted through the online application portal available on the Dementia Consortium website and using the Expression of Interest (EOI) application form provided.

The next deadline for applications will be announced soon.

In some instances, Alzheimer’s Research UK may work with third-party organisations to reach out to the academic community on behalf on the Dementia Consortium and identify any interested applicants. In these instances, the third-party organisation promoting the academic outreach may be allowed to submit applications directly to Alzheimer’s Research UK on behalf of the applicants.

Alzheimer’s Research UK will only accept submissions from third-party organisations, subject to relevant contractual arrangements between Alzheimer’s Research UK and the third-party organisation.

Following the submission of an application, applicants, whether they have made a submission directly through the online portal or via a third party, will receive an email confirming receipt of their application.

All information shared under the Alzheimer’s Research UK, Dementia Consortium funding scheme will be treated as confidential and shall be used only for the purpose of evaluating the relevant application.  All information, including any personal data, will be processed, stored, shared and retained securely and in accordance with Alzheimer’s Research UK data privacy policy.

The information included in the application form will be used by the Alzheimer’s Research UK (and where applicable the relevant Partner CRO) to assess whether the application meets the basic eligibility criteria. If the application is deemed in remit, the information provided in the application will be shared with the Industry Partners for review and a decision will be made as to whether to progress it to the next stage.

The Industry Partners of the Dementia Consortium and Alzheimer’s Research UK are bound to confidentiality obligations through the 2018 Dementia Consortium agreement.

Alzheimer’s Research UK and the CRO Partner(s) are bound to confidentiality obligation through a Master Service Agreement.

Please note: information within the application that includes chemical structures will not be shared with the Industry Partners, unless it is described as already in the public domain, but it may be shared with the Partner CRO if appropriate.

Review process

Applications that are deemed to be in remit will be submitted for due diligence by one of the Consortiums Partner CRO’s and scientific review by the Dementia Consortium scientific committee.  This is made up of seven Dementia Consortium Industry Partners and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

To be eligible for funding, at least two members of the scientific committee must express an interest in pursuing the application further. Applications that have secured interest will then be taken forward to develop a full project plan and budget; this will require the applicant working closely with Alzheimer’s Research UK and one of the Consortium Partner CRO’s.

If an application is not progressed, summary feedback will be shared with the applicant with an opportunity for resubmission if suggested by the scientific committee.

Project funding approval

If a project is approved for funding, the lead applicant and their host institution will be formally notified, and Alzheimer’s Research UK and the host institution will enter into a Research Collaboration Agreement.

Project funding will be subject to acceptance of the terms of the Dementia Consortium and signature of the Research Collaboration Agreement. The applicant acknowledges that Alzheimer’s Research UK is acting on behalf of the Industrial Partners of the Dementia Consortium. Alzheimer’s Research UK will aim to achieve the timely signature of the Research Collaboration Agreement with the host institution, and ideally within 3 months from notification of project approval for funding.

Research collaboration agreement

The Research Collaboration Agreement template will be shared with the host institution for their review as soon as the project has secured an interest from the Dementia Consortium to allow for early engagement on the legal terms.

The Agreement will set the obligations of the parties in relation to the funding and the delivery of the project; the terms of funding and the finance schedule will be in accordance with the project milestones and go/no-go decision points.

Applicants acknowledge that project funding may be terminated if the project does not successfully meet a key go/no-go milestone. Successful applicants and their Institutions will be expected to provide the required support and enabling resources to ensure the timely start of the project.

Projects will be expected to last up to 3 years and the total eligible funding will be between £200,000 and £1,000,000, depending on the specific requirements of each project. The Dementia Consortium does not support facilities, estates and indirect costs. For example, the institution’s management and administrative services, including the personnel and finance departments, library, central computing and departmental services; and elements of academic research support time are not covered.

UK-based institutions that are awarded a Dementia Consortium grant are eligible to the Charity Research Support Fund